Knowledge Driven Self supervised AI for all of your Healthcare needs

Iponym is a completely unsupervised and knowledge driven AI core that enables healthcare professionals, doctors and practitioners to get the most from EMR & EHR. Iponym brings every pieces and bits from your EMR & EHR data to uptil the care & treatment of patient.


A continuous learning framework from all possible available data backed with knowledge driven engine for realtime suggestions & decisions

Complete medical grade end-to-end unsupervised AI platform that provides tangible and tractable solutions to health issues at hand


Scale to any size of dataset, iterates the training itself over new feeds and performs metrics validation autonomously


Distinctively accurate than the competition and human work, providing a new angle to view the patient care to doctors and health institutions

Cost Effective

Reduces time to analysis by being proactive, cuts cost upto 75% by reducing human efforts


Agile in adapting the new datasets containing reports, prescriptions, pathologicals, radiologicals, histories, medical imagery and scans autonomously


Ensures rapid and real time responses to random queries according to patient history, conditions and treatments


Self sustaining and tuning capability, built to update the parameters and metrics when and if required autonomously

Unique Properties


A True Unsupervised Learning Platform

Since Iponym has created a platform for self-learning artificial intelligence, the system itself does not require an annotated training set. Instead, our unsupervised learning platform autonomously identifies commonalities among raw data to cluster footage together by concept and event, producing insights that allow for full edge case coverage as well as a complete understanding of detailed scenarios. Our breakthrough technology employs the techniques of expert data scientists in a unified, easy-to-use platform that helps scale your data science efforts. It empowers business users and data scientists to work on projects faster using automation, accomplishing tasks in minutes rather than months.

A Unified, Intelligent Automation Solution

Iponym provides a one-stop shop solution that bridges the gap between medical experts and data science experts to find information hidden deep within mountains of amalgamated data of all types and sizes. Relying on multiple vendors for different stages of an AI project can be burdensome, costly and error prone. Instead, let Iponym consolidate the work and perform all the heavy lifting at a fraction of the cost.

Save Time
And Effort

Reduce up to 95% of the human effort (and human related errors) with end-to-end autonomous functionality. Doctors and Consultants can identify the KPIs they want to see and let Iponym autonomous AI do the rest.

Unprecedented Security For Sensitive Or Proprietary Data

Iponym incorporates real-time blind computing technology, which allows health institutions to include patient's sensitive information in analytics projects, producing more accurate results while reducing R&D spend and vendor reliance.

How Iponym Works

Responsify your test drives with end-to-end adaptive knowledge driven vision engineering

EMR/EHR Acquisition & Conversion

Knowledge Extraction

Feature Extraction

Query Acquisition & Analysis

Continous Training

Knowledge & Feature Encoding

Generating folds to meet query response

Evaluation & Updation

Analytics outcome as suggestive Decision

About Us

OUR MISSION IS TO MAKE Unsupervised Knowledge graph AI FOR future Healthcare Industry

  • With more data being captured today than ever before, companies across the globe are leveraging Machine Learning solutions in order to remain competitive. However, there are still some major unsolved challenges faced by data scientists today. Today, Artificial Intelligence is still a very manual and fragmented process.
  • Most AI projects require significant effort and technical expertise, making them costly and error-prone. Reliance on multiple vendors makes the process clunky and disjointed, often resulting in negative ROI.
  • At Iponym, we created a platform that employs the techniques of expert data scientists in a unified, easy-to-use platform that helps scale any data science execution or machine learning projects, reducing up to 95% of human effort.
  • The platform empowers business users and data scientists to work on projects faster using automation, accomplishing tasks that would ordinarily take months, in minutes. It also eliminates business's reliance on multiple vendors for data initiatives, streamlining data collection and preparation, ETL, Machine Learning, Feature Engineering, Visualizations, and many other data functions into a hyper efficient, comprehensive, and fully automated user experience.

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